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My Art

Exhibition at the Old Dairy
My exhibition at “The Old Dairy” Gallery,

My subject is the natural world, I always record using drawings, photographs and videos directly, then select what inspires me the most then transfer them into paintings using my printing/painting techniques.

The mono prints when applied force me to select the right colours and use the right choice of lines and marks from the start, I can then alter this to some extent when developing the painting.

My work is representational.

Joanna Harris


I studied for a fine art degree in the 1970’s, when there was much input from conceptual artists at the time, I therefore did not really progress with a formal traditional art training. However I did experiment with many approaches to art and became enthusiastic about silkscreen printing using the technique on canvasses.

I eventually left my art education with a degree and a teaching qualification.

Using these qualifications I became employed in various art teaching posts and ended up for 18 years teaching art in a Special School for pupils with emotional and social difficulties.

Here I was able to explore different ways of using art to support the students in their well being.

I also continued to experiment with my own work and developed a technique to my work involving both painting and printing techniques.